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About Us

About Us

So, a while back we all sat, with a coffee, and wondered how we could do Estate Agency and Lettings quicker, more transparent and more efficiently. We pondered over just how we could offer an unrivalled level of service at a fair price and still get the message over to the very people that mattered ? We wanted to cut through the stinky stuff - no ‘never to be repeated’ offers, no fixed price* offers for all (* - just don’t read the small print) and no free cuddly toy !

Then came the duguid property acquisition and our expertise, and the team, just got a whole lot more knowledgeable (we thought this sounds nicer than “older and wiser”).

Collectively we scribbled, erased and redrafted our own Customer Promise and we concluded that we should ensure the following, logical reasons are available always to help you choose us..


.. we think that should do but we never forget that you’re the boss. We also recognise that you always have a choice. If we’ve missed something or we don’t stick to our Customer Promise then just ‘holler’ .. we’re all ears !


P.S - we started this page telling you we sat back for a chat with a coffee .. why don’t you join us when you’re next in our area. We’d be delighted to see you and share some of our wisdom.

P.P.S - and if we bore you there’s always a nice big telly to watch !